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Christopher Adorno

Chief Executive Officer

CEO, Mary

A first generation Dominican-American, Chris was born in New York and has lived across every borough. Exiting the city’s foster care system, he turned to the legacy market where he worked for over a decade. Chris understands the power of people and the critical importance of integrity and equity in building relationships

Joseph Miller

Cultivation Lead

Mary Solutions

Joseph is a 2nd generation farmer that was born and raised in Humboldt County, California, the birthplace of cannabis culture. Joe has 30 years of cultivation experience across environments and mediums, and his field knowledge is unmatched in the industry. Joe is the cultivation expert and master IPM specialist.

JT Woehler

Operations Lead

COO, Mary

JT has worked across the supply chain in the legacy and recreational markets of California. From operations to revenue generation, he’s equipped with the understanding that market volatility demands lean business. Developing financial models, production calculators and operating procedures are his forte.

Kaller Roemer

Strategy Lead

Mary Solutions

Kaller is a veteran of the United States Army Infantry with a background in finance and consulting. After his deployment to Iraq with the 10th Mountain Division,  he studied Economics and Entrepreneurship at Princeton University, where he served as President of the Ivy League Veterans Council. Kaller leverages his quantitative analytical toolset to create detailed strategies for firms.

Max Tsiring

Marketing Lead

CMO, Mary

Max immigrated to New York at age five and began selling cannabis when he was twelve. After over twenty years as a legacy operator (and professional musician), he turned to entrepreneurship, co-founding Artifact, an acclaimed fashion research and rental archive that powers the design and entertainment industries worldwide.